• Painting Contest XI "Hipolito Llanes". 2017.

  • Picture presentation and poster at the Basilica of Our Lady. Ms. Our Lady of Sorrows.

  • Painting Contest XI "Hipolito Llanes". 2017.

  • Press release Jorge Martinez Garzón for Ideal.

  • Luis Portero Portrait - ABC Andalucia

  • Presentation of the portrait of Luis Portero in the Superior Court of Justice in Andalucía.
    Inma Martínez

  • Exhibition - Granada Hoy

  • Exhibition at the Arts, Literature and Science Centre in Granada
    Pepe Torres

  • Presentation of the portrait of Juan Carlos I and two Deans - Ideal

  • Rey Juan Carlos I
    Dean Guillermo García-Valdecasas Páez
    Dean Rafael Acosta Inglott

  • Interview - Ideal Newspaper

  • Poli Servián

  • Daniel Saucedo Aranda - Ideal

  • Ideal newspaper interview about the portrait of the President of the Press Association in Granada D. Daniel Saucedo Aranda.

  • Interview - Ideal

  • Interview with the Ideal of Granada Newspaper about her exhibition.
    Belén Rico.

  • Press Release - Ideal

  • "I always seek beauty in my portraits."

  • Painting Exhibition - Ideal

  • A work committed to reality

  • Painting Exhibition - Ideal

  • I. G. Leyva