ROSARIO CLAVARANA is a realist painter, born in Granada in 1948.

She obtained a professional degree in Tourism Management at 20 and worked in the banking sector until the age of 23, when she married the painter José María Carrasco Jimeno and he moved to Lorca (Murcia). Rosario, feel and enjoy the world of painting and everything related to it with her husband, well-known and remembered in the lift Spanish painter, which has left a great work despite his early death in 1988.

Rosario, regresa a Granada con sus tres hijos, donde está afincada desde 1988. Trabaja en empresas privadas y públicas desarrollando paralelamente una continua e intensa actividad como pintora. Con obras como "Carrera del Darro", "Cesta con Margaritas", "La Alhambra desde el Albaicín", etc.

By the end of the 90s, Rosario Clavarana devoted herself to the art world as a professional painter. Currently, she continues working with still life and landscapes, although she specializes on portraits, due to the different commissioned works she has developed for institutions and private clients. Through this development, her technique has evolved in a committed and brilliant way.

Since then he has performed, among his best known works, portraits as King Juan Carlos I who chairs the assembly hall of the Faculty of Law of the University of Granada, Chief, Luis Portero Fiscal located in the Office of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, as well as many portrait commissions for major galleries of various public and private institutions.

Rosario Clavarana has also held some exhibitions in Granada, although she has mainly developed commissioned work for institutions and private clients.

Su principal misterio está en captar la esencia de la persona que retrata, reflejando el alma y la luz en cada retrato. Son muchas personas, también en el ámbito privado, las que confían en Rosario Clavarana para retratar a sus seres queridos con el arte que caracteriza a esta pintora.

Rosario Clavarana’s landscapes of Granada like "Alhambra" and "El Albaicín", are also among her works with a very special value.