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  • Queridos amigos : Me alegra mucho saludaros de nuevo. Quiero comunicaros que a partir de este verano podréis recibir más información de mi blog de pintura artística. Os la voy a hacer llegar por medio de mis redes sociales, a las cuáles os invito a seguir, [...]

  • El próximo día 5 de marzo tendrá lugar la inauguración de mi primera exposición retrospectiva de retratos al óleo que estará compuesta por 30 retratos de personalidades de Granada además de los retratos de S.M. el Rey Juan Carlos I y de S.M. el Rey Felipe VI en la sala de expos[...]

  • I shared 16 wonderful years of my life with José María, a person full of charisma and elegance, as his pictorial legacy. The strokes of his own work are the best reflection of his bold character and strength [...]

  • Undoubtedly, the city of Granada has marked my paintings for life. It's a city full of history, cultures and wonderful spots, which have inspired great masters since ancient times. Artists from all around the world would come to [...]

  • PRESENTATION OF THE PORTRAIT On past January 25th, 2013 took place the presentation of the portrait of D. Juan López Martínez, past Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Granada. The event was presided by the current Dean Miguel Olmedo Cardenete and other university authorities[...]

  • Welcome to my website. For some time I've been wanting to update my website to show my work from a more flexible and functional platform, also to improve the communication channels with fellow art lovers. I've included some useful tools, such as [...]