Portrait of Juan López Martínez


On past January 25th, 2013 took place the presentation of the portrait of D. Juan López Martínez, past Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Granada. The event was presided by the current Dean Miguel Olmedo Cardenete and other university authorities. The portrait will be incorporated to the Gallery of Deans Portraits, for those who have directed the fate of the Faculty since the beginning of the XX century.

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The technique used for the portrait was oil on canvas, with dimensions of 81x100 cm. Other portraits featured in the Gallery and also painted by Rosario Clavarana are those of D. José Miguel Zugaldía Espinar, D. Rafael Acosta Inglott, D. Guillermo García-Valdecasas Páez and D. José Martos de la Fuente.

La artista, pintó también en 1999 el Retrato de Juan Carlos I, Rey de España, que preside el Paraninfo de esta Facultad junto al retrato de Carlos V.


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